Rejoice in the law of the Lord – new arrangement

I was in NJ visiting my family and got to worship with the church there.  Marc Persing, one of the amazing young worship leaders there did a new arrangement of the song “Rejoice in the Law of the Lord” that I absolutely loved.  It’s so cool how a new arrangement of an old song can totally make the song new again –the words, the message, everything.  I love how God designed music to be that way!  I found out Marc had a posting of that arrangement and wanted to share it with all of you — here it is.  The chords are E  /  C#m  /  A   /  E.   And he plays a really cool riff throughout.   (By the way if you click on the playlist on the right side of the page you’ll be able to hear some other cool worship recordings Marc has posted.)

And if you follow this blog and have any cool arrangements of congregational songs I could enjoy and share please send them to me!


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