Happy Easter: Free from the Grave

This will certainly be an Easter we never forget, huh?  Here is a song I wrote for an Easter Sunday worship service many years ago.  (This video is ripped from our Sunday worship live stream  from my home yesterday, during our Communion segment.) The first couple verses are from Jesus’ perspective* to his followers, and the third verse is our response to his saving act of death, burial, and resurrection for us.  May Jesus give us comfort, guidance, and peace during this time.  Stay safe!

*By the way, I have a whole album of songs from years back that are all from the perspective of Jesus to his followers, if you’d never checked it out here is a youtube playlist.


One Comment on “Happy Easter: Free from the Grave”

  1. julieksings says:

    Hi Brian!

    How are you doing through the quarantine? I pray you and your family and immediate church family are all healthy. I have been encouraged by the songs and materials you have been putting out!

    We are doing fine here, enjoying church and fellowship on line and working from home with private students, and on my book. Berklee has Ralph doing tech support from home. I am also doing Facebook live stream worship v Co inverts every Sunday night! Drop in if you have a chance!

    One of the appendix in my book is “ Bible Studies for singers.” Originally, I was going to write them all- but it hit me just now that I would be blessed to include a devotional from a few of my favorite worship leaders as well.

    Would you be willing to offer a short written devotional I could add to the book?

    I already have one on “Letting your light Shine” and am working on one about “ Fear” … it Need only be a couple pages.

    Please let me know. I would need it in the next couple weeks, by the end of April.

    Thanks so much!


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