Backing Tracks

Hey guys, I am working on providing a page with backing tracks from some of my songs and my arrangements that I am giving away for FREE (for now anyway).  I have been getting more requests for this these days. If we are going to continue to plant and build churches around the world that means a lot of worship context is going to be small church than big church. And for some, backing tracks can help!  I have posted many of my most popular songs, such as Rejoice, Anchor for the Soul, Praises Heard Around the World, Here Am I Send Me, On the Mountain of the Lord, my version of We Praise Thee O God, and others.

I hope to make many more available soon.  And for those of you who are using multitracks and just want some of the tracks, I am hoping to give you a zip file with stems to all of the tracks!  (Let me know if you’re interested in this.)

Here is the page:

I am enjoying listening back to some of these.  I like it more than listening to my finished albums, because I don’t like hearing my own voice — nicer to just hear the tracks!

By the way I am working on a new worship album — I have plenty of songs for it, just need to allocate time to record.  I can’t wait to share with all of you some good stuff!

4 Comments on “Backing Tracks”

  1. Brian says:

    Hey bro! I met you about a month ago at service in NJ (the other Brian).. This is a great resource. Thanks so much for providing it for us. Sometimes I get stuck in planning out services. This makes it easier! Definitely interested in tracks!

  2. Amaury De says:

    Yes! Thank you, thank you.thank you for these backing tracks. This will be a great help to ministries that don’t yet have bands. And thank you for your willingness to serve and give in this way.

  3. julieksings says:

    That’s a great idea Brian! Julie

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