White As Snow

For the last several years we have been doing sermon series in our congregation. It is a way to take a topic and really dig into it, and it’s also a great tool for outreach, as first-time guests want to come back to hear the upcoming sermons. Lately we’ve been in a series called CHANGE, and yesterday the theme was “How Your Life Can Change Forever”. Matt and Marlo, a couple who have been a part of the LA Church for a long time and now lead CR (Chemical Recovery) Ministry for the church, were with us and shared very vulnerably about the amazing transformation each has gone through by God’s amazing power –from drug use, abuse, and emotional detachment; to healing, freedom from addiction, helping others, leading this important ministry. I know I’ve seen God work miracles like that in my life; hopefully you have too.

Every Sunday we try to include music that somehow supports the main idea for that day. We had some great songs that reflected the change God is able to produce in us. One of the songs was one that my friend Tony Martin and I wrote together on one of his visits to LA, called “White As Snow.” Here is a link to some video from yesterday. Also a demo recording, lyrics, and sheet music with chord charts are below. [Tony, are you guys still singing this song? I’m sure your Baltimore version has got a much different feel –love to have you post a link to a recording some time to see the contrast.]

One note on the video –we meet in a movie theater. Every Sunday there is a worshipful portion of the service where we bring down the lights, just to help people be able to connect with God and think about what they are singing. So when Michael, the brother shooting the video, pans the audience and you see total darkness –don’t worry, the people ARE actually there.

A note on the demo recording –I got a Mac last summer and have been using “Garage Band” lately for quick recordings of songs for our worship teams.  They aren’t CD release quality, but they are great for something quick.  This recording was made in about 10 minutes with just the computer speaker mic and adding a few tracks with the harmony parts.  Pretty cool.

Download Recording (right click “save as”)  white-as-snow

Download PDF  Sheet music w/chord charts


I was stumbling in the darkness
Lost without a home
You to sins that were as scarlet
Made them white as snow

Turned my dark into light
And you made me white as snow
Out of death into life
And you made me white as snow

Blood that flowed down from the cross, it
Stained the earth below
Red with love that paid the price to
Make me white as snow

Spirit gives me comfort and he
Shows which way to go
Now he lives inside me ‘cause you
Made me white as snow

You stoop down and make me great, my
Cup it overflows
Full of all you bless me with, you
Made me white as snow

One Comment on “White As Snow”

  1. Michael Aggabao says:

    The more I listen to this song, the more I get it and love it.

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