Let the Light Shine Down on Me


We’ve been streaming live Sunday services out of my garage for a while now, but still use produced videos of songs here and there. It’s been a good way to include some singers who haven’t been able to be here in person.  Lindsay has a couple little kids and hasn’t been able to join us, but I made a track and asked her to add all the parts.  This is a great worship song by my friend Geoff Fawcett.  Words have new meaning in our present context.  Hope it ministers to you and feel free to use it for your streaming worship service.  By the way I’ll also post an older recording of this song I made many years ago below.

Sheet music is here (and FYI the arrangement in this video we pitched a third low for Lindsay’s performance — she can sing it in the original key but it sounds a little warmer in key of C).


Let the Light Shine Down  – version I recorded back in 2008


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