As the Waves

Had a nice long time this morning at the beach. I’m so lucky to get to live just a couple miles away from the shoreline. Something about the big blue ocean and the sound of the waves crashing always helps me to connect with God. I was reminded of a song I wrote back in college during a day at the beach with my guitar. It’s about how there is so much we might want to understand, so much we can’t figure out, but if we listen for God’s voice and look for his will, he’s always right there to help us and guide us along.

Here is a recording of the song that appeared on an album I put together many years ago (Nothing Else).

As the Waves

Here is a new, live video recording.

I wish I could see forever from here
Fully understand emotion, my laughter and tears
I wish I could watch the beginning of time and space
But I can hear your heartbeat here in this ordinary place

As the waves crash into the sand
and the day is yours and mine to spend
I hear the waves and it makes me understand
Though now I can’t quite see eternally
or fully understand my destiny
still I can hear you gently speak to me
in the crashing of the waves

I wish I could walk across oceans and see the whole world
Touch the endless faces of each little boy and girl
I wish I could know your thoughts and understand your plans
But I can hear your voice in the word, and in the oceans and sands

I wish I could somehow speak to you, face-to-face
Ask you why you chose me to be free out of the whole human race
Sometimes it’s hard to believe what I think I can’t see with my eyes
But with my soul’s eyes inside open wide I can see beyond skies

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