The Whole World Will Know – post 2

Hopefully you have heard by now about my new CD, “The Whole World Will Know”. I posted a video demo of the title track a while back, shortly after I had written it for a campus conference (you can also get lyrics and chord charts for the song at that post).

Today I wanted to post the studio recording that appears on the CD as well as let you know about a promotion/fundraiser for icochotnews. They do a lot to keep us in the know with what’s going on in churches around the world, give us up-to-date info on global crises and how they are affecting our brothers and sisters, and they do it all with no funding. They are using my CD to raise funds for some new camera equipment, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, you can do so and also support icochotnews. Click here to purchase the CD and proceeds support hotnews.

Here is the recording of “The Whole World Will Know” from my new album:″

Here is an interview with Mike Taliaferro of hotnews about the project and the promo. The new CD is also available at iTunes, CD Baby, and IPI Books.  Thanks for supporting my music!!

One Comment on “The Whole World Will Know – post 2”

  1. Michael Aggabao says:

    I think this is the best so far, musicianship is off the charts, you should be nominated with this. Hopefully someday we’ll see a disciple in dove awards. Loving all the songs especially Here I am send me, salt for salvation, and everything is possible. BCBC!

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