For All Generations

Today is Memorial Day, and my kids are out of school ( I have three great kids, ages 10, 7, and 4).  My wife had a bible study with one of my daughter’s friend’s mom, so I took the rest of the family out to have a quiet time together.  We walked along the rocky shoreline looking in tide pools for interesting creatures, collecting rocks and shells, talking about how cool God’s design is, and praying together.  It is always so amazing to hear their little prayers and conversations about God, and I was reminded of how significant a responsibility I have to pass along my faith to them.  It makes me so thankful for the faith that was passed on to me by my incredible parents (my dad is an elder for the NY Church), and lessons learned from other great men and women of faith God has put in my life through the years. It made me think about this song, “For All Generations.”

It was the theme song for a great conference we had here in LA a couple years ago with leaders of churches from all over the world.  I share it below, in hopes its message encourages you. We are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. So many have gone before us. And prayerfully we will pass along to so many others the great truths of God’s revealed Word and the Lordship of Christ. Praise God that we can belong to a kingdom that is “For All Generations!”

{This video is from another great conference we had last summer. I think it is the video feed from what was shown on the big screen — too bad you can’t see/hear the great choir and hear the audience more. Also we blended this song straight into “Go and Make Disciples” – so the end seems a little weird.]

You can get sheet music by clicking on the link below:
For All Generations

For All Generations

Sons and daughters prophesied
The spirit poured in streams
Vision opened young men’s eyes
The old men dreamed God’s dreams

For all generations
The truth is passed along
For all generations
The kingdom marches on

Countless voices sang, in turn
We learned of grace and truth
Miracles we’ve seen and heard
We sing the songs to you

Knowing that with every test
We’re purified, refined
This is something worth our best
Our blood and tears, our time

Gates of death can’t overcome
In future as in past
From beginning to the end
His kingdom’s built to last

Bride of Christ is dressed in white
The wedding day has come
All those chosen rise in flight
The final battle’s won


D A/c# / bm7 / G / Asus A
D A/c# / bm7 / G / Asus A
D A/c# / bm7 A / G bmin / Asus A
D A/c# / bm7 A / G A / D

Last two verses:
E B/d# / c#m7 / A / Bsus B
E B/d# / c#m7 / A / Bsus B
E B/d# / c#m7 B / A c#m / Bsus B
E B/d# / c#m7 B / A B / E

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