The Beauty in it All

Week before last, several young talented singers/songwriters/musicians from within our family of churches got together for a few days to for the purpose of writing some new congregational songs.  I happened to find out about it and was instantly so excited to see what they came up with!  Here is one of the songs that was shared with me, as presented by the amazing Andre McRae to his local congregation.  I love the message of the song and its beautiful melody (and pretty instrumental interlude as well). So grateful to see gifted disciples using their talents for the kingdom!  Look forward to singing this and other new songs these brothers and sisters are writing.

THE BEAUTY IN IT ALL – sheet music

One Comment on “The Beauty in it All”

  1. julieksings says:

    Brian, That’s a beautiful song! And what s fun blessing to have a worship songwriting retreat! I would LOVE to be part of something like that! Do you see my friend Erin in your region much?

    BTW- we were doing two of your songs in church this last Sunday and I am our acoustic guitarist so I went to review “ Here I am Send Me” and was watching the video and then- “ What!?” I saw me – guess I was on the praise team when that video was shot. That was fun!

    Blessings to you and yours!


    Sent from my iPhone Julie Kinscheck


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