More Virtual Worship Team Videos

I spent waaay too much time on this last week! I felt like it was important as all of the congregations of the LA Church of Christ came together for a “virtual” online worship service all together that we have singing led by representatives from all the regions of the church, so hopefully the impact was worth the time spent. I used the same process as I explained here, although another brother did all the video editing for us in Adobe Premiere. If you are interested, I’ll leave this page up that has the resources and instructions I sent out to all of the worship leaders who contributed. I made a track for each video of me playing/singing all the parts, so they knew where to build and drop out and stuff like that. You can hear the differences below–kind of interesting. The collaborations are definitely so much richer than just me doing the parts/instruments. (By the way I used cloudbounce for mastering the audio, which I’ve been using lately for my last music projects –I really like it.)

A lot of people have asked “what app did you use to make these” or “what software” –as if it’s the software that does the work. Honestly I think what makes the most difference in quality of virtual videos (and is also the most time consuming thing) is fine-tuning the mix, which is something I feel like I’ve been working on for a lot of years and still have a long way to go to learn. So I would say just use any DAW and do your best, and you’ll keep learning. There are a ton of mixing training videos and tips out there (more than a lifetime’s worth!) so you’ll have lots of resources if you choose to learn more about mixing.

Spirit’s Fire – King of My Heart  – my demo (for people to sing/play along with)

Spirit’s Fire – King of My Heart – LA Worship Leaders  – This is the LA collaboration audio

How Great is Our God – The Stand  – my demo (for people to sing/play along with)

How Great is Our God – The Stand – LA Worship Leaders – This is the LA collaboration audio

James Keyes, Metro LA
Leslie Tolton, Metro LA
Peter Wade, North Region
Jeremiah Farias, Lighthouse Region
Bianca Lua, Lifeway Region
Joya Reyes, Lifeway Region
Lukas Perez, Turning Point
Aleesha Perez, Turning Point
Ryan Weekly, Orange County Region
Virginia Weekly, Orange County Region
Dwight Velarde, Orange County Region
Betty Collins, Coastal LA (South Bay Church)

Keys: Jay Minor, Turning Point
Cajon: Kris Lumowah, Inland Empire Region
Electric: Will Sicam, North Region
Drums: Pete Wade, North Region
Acoustic: J. Brian Craig, Coastal LA (South Bay Church)


4 Comments on “More Virtual Worship Team Videos”

  1. Sharon Solis says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing these resources. The congregational service was encouraging to watch. Our worship team in Santa Barbara is still learning to fine tune the audio for our mash-ups. I’m wondering, would you be willing to view our last service and give us some feedback? Specifically with the audio mixing, we had issues with it being off-key, likely because recordings all have to be in separate locations. Have you experienced this? How did you remedy this?

    Here is our last service on Sunday, May 17:

    • Sharon Solis says:

      Did you have people re-record? Or did you fix it on your end?

      • jbriancraig says:

        I haven’t had anyone prerecord – I have fixed things with volume, timing and pitch – just slight edits so it still matches the video. Haha on one song thought I had to change the chord the acoustic guitar player was playing every other bar in the verses – I don’t think he even realized, I just copied and pasted the waveform into the right spots. But if you look closely at his hands you can see it.

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks you guys have an amazing worship team! Wow all the visual effects too. Sounds good to me, but we have experienced some off key stuff. I found it helped a LOT for people singing remotely to sing along with a track that had vocals already on it, rather than just an instrumental track, which is what I tried at first. There are other tools you can use to “fix” things if you have time, such as flex pitch in Logic or Melodyne. Anything you hear commercially produced (even “live” worship videos on youtube) have been fixed like that if they are big production.

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