Even Greater Things

DvsG lessonI spoke about the story of David and Goliath yesterday at church.  We had a few songs in the service that are about that story (the special song Face Off, we all sang the Whole World Will Know) but I wanted to share this one today.  It’s a congregational song that we actually sing quite often because it’s pretty easy once you get it down, and our song leader Dwight Velarde does such a great job leading us with it and getting the group fired up.

Here are a couple demo’s of the song – one a cappella, one with just acoustic guitar accompaniment.  We tend to do it with full band but it works with just voices too.  And sheet music is below.  You can find this song in the new River City song book.

Even Greater Things – demo recording – with acoustic

Even Greater Things – a capella

Even Greater Things – sheet music




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