Praise the Lord O My Soul

Hello fellow worshippers, and Happy New Year!  Back from the holidays and getting caught up with things.  I wanted to share a song and video I was able to finally get some time to edit during vacation.  The song is “Praise the Lord, O My Soul,” a song I wrote a number of years ago, based on Psalm 103.

I love this Psalm.  It’s one of those where David is talking to his own soul – reminding himself of all of the great qualities of God and benefits of belonging to him.  I can relate to that.  There are times I’ve got to try to get myself in gear spiritually.  “C’mon, soul!”  “Don’t forget…”  I love the meditation on how many great things there are about God.  And this song makes it easy to keep all of these great thoughts rolling around in the brain.  Meditating on all of God’s great qualities and all he has done truly has the power to transform one’s “inmost being.”

The video footage I shot a couple years ago.  To be honest I feel kind of silly doing a “music video” but it’s the established medium for introducing folks to new music, so I guess I’ve got to jump in.  (I’ve since done one professional video, helping out some students with their senior project.)  This may sound weird, but a couple years ago I woke up really early and just got this prompting to go up on my regular prayer spot (a hill with a great overlook right near my house) and shoot this video.  So as the video progresses you can see the sun coming up and the lighting change.  Kind of funny, all of this was shot with only my webcam on my MacBook.  Let me know what you think, and forward the youtube link to friends you might think would enjoy the song.

Praise The Lord O My Soul – sheet music

Praise the Lord, O My Soul
(based on Psalm 103)

Praise the Lord, O my soul,
All my inmost being praise his name
Praise the Lord, O my soul,
And forget not all his benefits,
O my soul.

He forgives all of your sin
Lifts you up out of the pit
Satisfies you with good things
You can fly on eagle’s wings

Slow to anger full of love
High as heaven up above
Far as East is from the West
So removed is sin from us

He knows we are only dust
Treats us as adopted sons
In a short time we’ll be gone
But his love will carry on

Praise the Lord, he rules us all
Praise the Lord in heaven strong
Praise the Lord, each angel song
All creation, sing along

G / D / C / emin D
G / D / C / emin D / G

C D / C G/B / C D / amin D
C D / C G/B / C D / amin D

Copyright © 2004 J. Brian Craig

9 Comments on “Praise the Lord O My Soul”

  1. Esteban says:

    Thanks for sharing with us your ligting skills.
    Hapy new year to you too!

  2. Bret Krueger says:


    Love this song. We’ve actually been listening to your Be With Me Lord CD quite a bit lately in our house. Not a bad video either for being kinda pieced together. I see your thinking with the “music video” thing, maybe you could find a way to add in images relating to the song you’re singing, for example here, when I think of “all his benefits” I picture my wife and kids and those brothers that I’m especially close to, none of which I’d have without Him.

    Anyway, again, I appreciate what you do and the gift God has given you. Keep it coming!

  3. Michael Aggabao says:

    Great song, we need more music videos it gives the music more impact.

  4. Vanessa Adams says:

    Hey Brian,
    Great song. It felt like I got to join you on a Quiet Time. I liked the guitar and studio shots you included, as well as the silhouette and some of the landscape panning you did. The casual filming style is relatable, especially to younger audiences. How fun!

  5. jbriancraig says:

    Thanks for the comments, all! Someone sent me a FB message and I realized I hadn’t posted the sheet music on here so I’ve just added it…

  6. Juranda Coles says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for your Blog and all the anazing music you provide. I am a member of the Temecula Valley Church of Christ. I attended the amazing International Leadership conf in Miami and fell absolutely in love with a sng that was performed by a group of women song leaders…I think it was called “song of sisterhood” started ..from the time of Eve we where dreaming…give me your hand my sister I’ll give you my heart….I hope you know it…I would like to have it for our Women’s Day this year…can you help or lead em to someone that can…thanks so much! and have an incredible blessed day!

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! I will find out about that song and get back to you – I know the sisters that organized the women’s worship at the conference and I’ll ask them.

  7. Stanley B Benjamin says:

    God Bless you . Thank you for the music.

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