Rejoice… in Russian

This video brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw it. It so captures the message of the song – with the dancing, celebration, and especially the voices of the children singing praise to God. (See this earlier post with the scriptural background of the song when I first wrote it.)

My good friend and fellow disciple / songwriter / worship leader Michael Aggabao lost his 6 year old daughter over this past week. All of those close to him have been mourning her loss, and hurting with Michael and his family. But watching this video helps me imagine her singing just like these little kids – praises to God on that day we are all heading for, along with the “great multitued that no one could cound from every nation, tribe, people and language” (not to mention all ages, Rev 7:9). We can “rejoice” that she is under God’s care and we will all join her some day in singing praise to God in heaven.

(Props to Ivan and Masha Lyashenko for sharing this and for all the amazing work they do with worship in the Ukraine and Russian churches.)


The cornerstone of earth’s beginning
The morning stars and angels singing
In joyful music as the world began
And still the song is ever-flowing
The choir of voices keeps on growing
Eternal praises of the great I AM

Rejoice, rejoice
I will lift my voice
and join the song
Creation is singing
Sing and shout
Even stones cry out
I must rejoice
For you are my King

Reign over me, O King of glory
All of my heart will sing the story
Of how your grace has saved a wretch like me
How sweet the sound we all are singing
The celebration’s just beginning
We’ll sing your praises for eternity

One day every knee will bow
But I give all to crown you now
One day we’ll see face to face
Till then I will run this race
Oh, oh…

3 Comments on “Rejoice… in Russian”

  1. chris vallejos says:

    This is so cool!

    • jbriancraig says:

      Also, if you want to hear a recording with a full instrumental arrangement there is one on iTunes. So cool to hear you guys are singing it! Thanks.

  2. this is fantastic!!!

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