Generation 2 Generation

UPDATE: Recording from Higher Ground album: Generation to Generation – studio recording

Hello, all… sorry it’s been a while since I posted.  Been a really busy last several weeks with our LA Congregational service (our annual worship with about six thousand people at the Shrine Auditorium) a great Womens’ Day event, and just this last week, hosting the annual Youth and Family Conference (or ICYFM, please visit to download or watch some incredible lessons).

I wrote a song for the conference that several asked about, so I thought I’d share it.  Here is a video of the song.  I’ll make a recording of a simpler version too, in case you’d like to use it and don’t have a full band in your congregation.

The song is based on Deuteronomy 6, which was on my mind because I preached a sermon about parenting from that chapter the week before the conference (click here to listen or download).

(based on Deuteronomy 6)

Generation to generation
Buildin’ the branches
on our family tree
Generation to generation
Live it to give it
A faithful legacy

Kids and grandkids
must obey the word of God
Then all will go well
in the promised land
Love the Lord your God
with all your heart and soul
commit yourself to all
that He commands

Take these words and
teach your children
Talk about them
when you go to bed
and when you wake
Live them in your life
remind your children that
The Lord your God
you never will forsake


C    G/B    /   D     Em7
C    G/B    / Am   D   G
C    G/B    /   D     Em7
C    G/B    / Am   D   G


C       G    /      D     G

One Comment on “Generation 2 Generation”

  1. Great Song!!! Love the 360 view of the fellowship! Thanks for sharing!
    -Vanessa Adams

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