By Faith

halloffaith.001I’ve been posting songs here since early 2009.  So in all that time I was surprised to find I had never posted this song before.  I wrote this for an ILC in Seattle years back with this title, obviously from the classic chapter Hebrews 11.  My original version contained almost all the stories from Hebrews 11 but it was like 12 verses long!  My wife wisely advised me to cut it down so now it’s only got 5, still a pretty long song.  We sang this a lot for a time, but it’s been a while.  Was thinking about it the other day, contemplating all the spiritual men and women that have gone before us.  I like how the Hebrew writer said that all of these heroes were working towards something, looking forward to something that is made complete with us.  We are in modern times completing the story.  Every conversion, every life change, every faithful decision makes a difference.  We join the ranks of these godly men and women, and someday it will all be worth any sacrifice of faith made on our journey towards the heavenly promise.

There are several versions of the song posted below as well as sheet music

By Faith – sheet music

By Faith – teaching recording – this recording teaches all the parts

By Faith – demo – this is the original demo recording of the song after I wrote it

By Faith – studio recording – this is the version from my 2010 release “The Whole World Will Know”

By Faith – backing trax – instrument-only version of the one above

By Faith – GBCOC version – This awesome R&B-style arrangement was put together by Tony Martin, Ray Kabia and the amazing Winston Philip – we affectionately refer to this version as “Get Down By Faith”

2 Comments on “By Faith”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Thank you so much for your ministry. Your Monday Morning posts come to me just when I need them. And your songs speak to my soul. I am grateful for the talent you are using for God. I, for one, truly benefit from your service! Thank you, brother!

  2. It’s good timing to be reading a post about this song, I’ve been practicing playing it on Keyboard whenever I have the chance. I love the lyrics, and would love to hear a full unabridged version, with the seven cut verses restored!

    I’ve been familiar with the “The Whole World Will Know” recording for a while and love it (it’s a great closer for that album) but this is my first time hearing that demo, and I love the simplicity of it as well.

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