In Christ Alone, a testament to deep lyrics in song

HAPPY EASTER!  We sang this song in church yesterday, and I so enjoyed all the voices loudly proclaiming these lyrics.  We first introduced this song way back in 2011, and I noticed it hasn’t really lost its luster but rather has only grown in richness when we sing it.  I was wondering if perhaps that is a testament to the depth of lyrics.  There are a lot of modern worship songs I come across that only have a handful of lyrics.  And that’s fine, it makes them easy to catch and sing.  But then there are those like this one –takes a little more effort to learn and memorize these.  This one even has an older hymn structure — no repeated chorus.  Anyway, years later I still love this song and thought I would record the version of it that I do for you today.  Happy Easter Monday!


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