The Spirit’s Fire – second posting

Good morning!  Thought I would share a song on the blog today that I’ve posted before, but it was almost five years ago.  That earlier posting has the background of the song, but I wanted to post it again with a new video today  for two reasons:  (1) I’ve been focused on the Holy Spirit a lot lately, and (2) I’m wanting to post more songs with ukulele – I’m finding that useful for a lot of teens and college students who are playing uk these days.

I preached for our church yesterday on the Holy Spirit – how He is promised, indwelling, leading, and comforting.  We’re doing a worship series on the Holy Spirit at work in the book of Acts.  It’s so inspiring to think about what God can do with a group of people who are truly led by his Spirit.  I won’t go into all of the teaching here but check out the sermon if you’re interested.  And I just finished a great book by Francis Chan called The Forgotten God that’s all about the working of the Holy Spirit.  It’s really good.  And of course got to mention Dr. Jacoby’s classic book on the subject.

Anyway, here is the song – enjoy!  (And see the earlier posting for lyrics and chord charts.)  [By the way, just ran across a video of the church in Singapore doing this song – really cool.]

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