Breakthrough featuring Betty Collins

Happy New Year!

Today I’m sharing another song from our Better Haiti Concert.  Years ago I wrote this song for a conference (I share the story here) but it has taken on new meaning through the year 2020!  We used the song for a virtual choir video over the summer as we were experiencing the dual challenges of wrestling with racial injustice as well as the global pandemic.  We added the new ending and prayer section as a time of calling on God as a congregation.

Here is the rendition from our concert, featuring my good friend and fellow worship leader Betty Collins on lead vocal.  Love singing with Betty.  And today’s her birthday — happy birthday, Betty!



You hung the sun and moon
a universe in tune
Caused the dry earth to bloom
brought it to life
Gave men your spirit’s spark
turned them to light from dark
By your blood set apart
made us to shine

Give us a breakthrough
There’s so much more to do
Your kingdom come through us
Your will be done in us
Give us your heart
Give us a breakthrough
It’s gotta come from you
You are unstoppable
Everything’s possible
Almighty God
Give us a breakthrough

You set the captives free
You split apart the sea
Told us to watch and see
all you would do
Brought water from a stone
gave those exiled a home
Your Holy One enthroned
King of all kings

Fill every heart with love
Teach us to overcome
Lead us with power from
your Spirit’s fire
We sing your praises loud
sing to the stumbling crowd
Till all the whole world ’round
knows who you are


E / E / Bsus / Bsus
A2 / A2 / E / E
E / E / Bsus / Bsus
A2 / A2 / Bsus / B

E / B/E / C#m / B/C#m
F#m7 / A / Bsus / B
E / B/E / C#m / B/C#m
F#m7 / A / Bsus / B
E / E

F#m / Asus / E / Bsus (repeating)

4 Comments on “Breakthrough featuring Betty Collins”

  1. Jerry says:

    Great prayer filled song!! Thanks for sharing it. We may use this for our 1st 2021 sermon series based on 2 Samuel 5:20. “Yahweh Perazim”. One suggestion in your videos is to have the instrumentalists sing while they “play skillfully”. I know it’s not easy, yet it helps promote the church to sing with “One voice” as God’s people. This helps thicken the fine line between worship and entertainment. Thanks Brian! Jerry Maday

    • jbriancraig says:

      Amen, yes I agree! For years I tried to insist on our musicians singing at the same time as playing, and it still represents an ideal for us. But it is very challenging for some, especially while playing certain instruments (drums, bass, lead guitar) that are riff focused. Acoustic or keys, no prob. We’ve settled for “sing when you can.” I don’t harp on it any more because I want musicians to feel free to worship with their heart and instrument without feeling guilty if they can’t sing with their mouth at the same time. All this we try to work out with humility, “fear and trembling.” Amen.

  2. Paula Leigh says:

    Hi J Brian Craig.
    Thanks for all the encouraging output of songs you and your team share with us. Many many times listening to the biblical lyrics has helped shift my focus back to Godly thinking in day to day life. Clearly you have a great personal relationship with God which is inspirational to me.
    Thought you’d like to know- We sing many of your songs in our worship (when we have it!) in the Melbourne, ICOC, Australia; where we are fortunate to have a strong music ministry.
    Although I am not a musician, I really enjoy reading your posts & listen to your music regularly on Spotify. In fact; I was in your top 0.5% listeners on Spotify! My favourite song is- “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”
    Again, thanks heaps for all your efforts.
    Kind regards to you & all your team,
    Your sister in Christ,
    Paula Leigh
    (née Richards- baptised in Boston COC 1989)

    • jbriancraig says:

      Thanks so much for your message, Paula, it really encouraged me! Cool to hear about the ministry there in Melbourne!

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