I Need Your Love (by the tide pools)


It’s been kind of a tough year in our family with sicknesses and challenges (as I write this my wife’s been sick with fever for nearly three weeks and my daughter has had challenges since February with infections and migraines).  Anyway it was so great a few weeks ago on a Monday morning to get to hike down to some tide pools not too far from where we live and get some extended time in prayer.   My soul really needed it.  I was even able to write the beginnings of a new song called “Shine Your Light” (which I’ll share later).  As I was praying and singing and meditating and just spending time in quiet, I thought it might be nice to try to capture a bit of the moment with some video shots from my iPad, along with an old song I was singing  which I had written many years back, “I Need Your Love.”  Sorry you can’t hear my voice too well on the recording, but maybe you can sing along and add your own voice to the ukulele accompaniment; hopefully you can have your own moment in prayer with God as you watch the video.  Here’s to many more special times with the Lord, and for one day being together forever.


3 Comments on “I Need Your Love (by the tide pools)”

  1. Douglas E. says:

    This has always been one of my favorite songs to sing. Even if the vocals are a bit hard to hear, I still dig this rendition. Oh, by the way, a month ago I recorded myself playing my personal piano arrangement of this song. Hopefully you enjoy Brian!

    • jbriancraig says:

      Nice bro – like the swing, makes me want to snap along – where is that piano?

      • Douglas E. says:

        This is one of the several pianos that is on 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. Each summer, they put several upright pianos for the public to play. My best friend, who is a guitarist, will sometimes perform live music there.

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