He’s Got the Future In His Hands

hes-got-the-future-002Happy Monday!

I wanted to share one of the songs from my new album, “He’s Got the Future.”  I wrote this song a number of years back just for fun, to try something with a traditional 12-bar blues form.  I was reading the story of the rich fool from Luke 12, and came up with the chorus and verse from that story.  Then I thought about other passages from the Bible with a similar message and wrote the other verses.  Here it is:

He’s Got the Future

In addition the song I thought I’d share a few related resources…

I preached a sermon on the stories from this song a year or so ago and used this song to tie them all together.  The lesson was called “Ungenerous.”


Here are my lesson notes, in case you would want to use the song for a Bible Talk or lesson and this would be helpful.


By the way, in the sermon I played a clip of this fantastic TED Talk by Paul Piff, “Does Money Make You Mean?”  Here is the link.




He’s got the future in his hands.

He’s got the future in his hands.

All He knows, understands,

He’s got the future in his hands.

It don’t matter what you planned,

He’s got the future in his hands.


There once was a king who ruled Babylon,

Drank from the goblets he took from God.

He saw a hand that wrote on the wall,

“This very night you gonna lose it all.”

“You think you’re something,” said the prophet Dan,

“But He’s got the future in his hands.”


There was a wealthy farmer – too much to store.

Rich towards himself but not to the Lord.

Said “Bigger barns will store all my hay.”

“Then I can take it easy, eat, drink and play.”

God said, “You fool, you got your own plan,”

“But I got the future in my hands.”


There was a rich man who couldn’t care less

About the poor man laying at his steps.

But on the same night both passed away,

One to the saints and one to the flame.

“Please tell my family,” said the rich man,

“He’s got the future in his hands!”


Now listen you who say that today

“Gonna go here and there and this and that-a-way.”

“Gonna make some money and live in style.”

But you’re just a mist that’s here for a while.

Why not submit to the master plan?

Cause He’s got the future in his hands!

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