Lord, I Want to Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving!  It was fantastic having my parents out from the East coast to celebrate Thanksgiving with us and our best friends, the Meads and their kids.  (Little Justin Mead is one of my youngest and biggest fans). It’s amazing how blessed we are by God, how full our lives are of good things. So great to stop for a bit and ruminate on it.

On Sunday we got to hear my mom sing and my dad preach. It was awesome.  One of the songs we sang was this great tune called “Lord I Want to Thank You”, written by Henry Lawson from the Harlem ministry of the NY Church of Christ.  I love how the words walk though the whole day – waking up, spending time with God, living life, and eventually going to sleep (both for the day and ending out life on earth in the last verse).  It was the first time we’d introduced the song, and people seemed to catch on pretty well.

Sheet music and a demo recording are below.  The song works great a capella or with accompaniment.  (By the way this is one of the songs that River City Music is including in their new songbook currently in production.)


Lord, I Want to Thank You (SATB) sheet music


(Lord I want to)
Thank you —
(Lord I want to)
Thank you —
(Oh I want to)
Thank you, Lord
Thank you, Lord
Oh, thank you Lord

Lord, you wake me in the morning
And you help me on my way
Oh yes you wake me up
With mercy, grace and love
Always giving me a brand new day!

Lord, you hear me when I’m praying
Through the troubles of my mind
When I am on my knees
I close my eyes to see
You are walking with me all the time!

Lord, you help me as I’m living
And I’m working in your name
Don’t always know the road
But I can take the load
‘Cause I know that you have done the same

Lord you watch me as I’m sleeping
Keep me save Lord, this I pray
And when the days are long
I try to hear your song
Telling me it’s going be okay

Lord, you’ll wake me up some morning
and you’ll lift me from my grave
When everything is new
and what is true is true
As I live in glory I will say…

A / A / D / D
A E / C#min7 D
D E / A

A / A / D / D
A / B7 / E / (break)

4 Comments on “Lord, I Want to Thank You”

  1. Daniel Goerlich says:


    thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and this great tune!

  2. Tony Fernandez says:

    My Capo is famous =). Great Song

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