Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength Lyric Video

Hey guys!  Happy New Year!  I didn’t post anything on this blog all last fall because I had a grad school class on Monday nights and ended up spending a lot of Mondays working on schoolwork.  But I’m hoping to post something every Monday in 2020 (or most Mondays) — either a new song, video, old song, or thought about worship ministry.

I put this video together over the holidays with one of my older songs.  A while back I had captured a 30 sec video of some seagulls at the beach — something about the way they were gliding on the seabreeze was really cool.  I decided to slow it way down to a frame at time and put it to this music, and I love the way the artwork of these beautiful creatures brings new meaning to the experience of this song for me and the message of it.  Hope it ministers to you like it did for me.  Makes me want to let go, have faith, trust God, and glide on the winds of his presence.  Great way to start the year.  God bless!


2 Comments on “Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength Lyric Video”

  1. Paula Leigh says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful songs! As a designer, I spend many hours listening to your music as I work. Your references to God’s word really lifts my spirits & helps me to keep a spiritual focus in my day. Truly you are a man of God who dreams!
    I’m hoping to see you & your fellow musicians In Orlando!???
    May God continue to use you powerfully as you spread his word in song.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Paula Leigh (née Richards)
    Melbourne church of Christ, Australia

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