Home in Heaven

Whew, well, it’s been a while since I had a quiet Monday when I could post something to the blog.  I was out of town for my cousin Spencer’s memorial service, and then for a couple conferences in a row (singles, then campus).  I’ll write something today about my cousin, and in following weeks share some of the new songs from the conferences.

Spencer was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2002.  After surgery, he was cancer-free for a number of years, but then the cancer came back aggressively and he passed away at the age of 30, leaving behind a wife (Brianne) and two little kids (Angelina and Xander).  SO MANY were praying for him for so long, it is beyond us to understand why God called him home at this young age.  But there is no question he is with the Lord – what a man of faith, courage, and honor he was!  And what an encouragement his life has been to so many others.

The memorial was an emotional but also very powerful time, as 600 of Spencer’s family and friends gathered to celebrate his life and faith.  Being there, I felt so inspired to live life more to the full.  To be full of bold faith and zeal.  To cherish friendships.  To pass on to my kids faith and courage the way Clyde and Jane did to Spencer.

I was asked to lead the congregation in singing his daughter Angelina’s favorite song, “Home in Heaven.”  Spencer told me they loved to sing this song together and that Angelina particularly would belt out the line at the end of the third verse “I’ll see you there…”

Spencer, truly we WILL see you there.

Here is a recording of the song from the album he and his family listened to often (another one of Spencer’s favorites was the song “His Hands”):
Home In Heaven

Here is an a capella recording of the song from a while back:
Home in Heaven – a capella

If you’d like to use this song in your church, here is a recording that teaches the parts:
Home in Heaven – teaching recording

Here is the sheet music:
Home in Heaven – sheet music

Here is a link to the online sheet music you can change key, hear a part at a time

Here are the lyrics (and a Spanish translation – some latin ministries sing this song)…


I’ve got a home
I’ve got a crown
I’ve got a love
won’t let me down

I’ve got a home
I’ve got a prize
He’ll wipe away
tears from my eyes

In heaven, in heaven
I’ve got a home in heaven

I’ve got a home
Forever to stay
I’ve been forgiven
I’m on my way

I’ve got a home
I’ve got his grace
I’ll see my Lord
Face to face

In heaven, in heaven
I’ve got a home in heaven

I’ve got a home
Though I once was lost
Jesus, he found me,
His blood on the cross

I’ve got a home
I get to share
I’ve got a promise
I’ll see you there

In heaven, in heaven
I’ve got a home in heaven

YO TENGO UN HOGAR (Home in Heaven)

Yo tengo un hogar
Una corona
Tengo un amor
No me deja atras

Yo tengo un hogar
Tengo un premio
El limpiará
Mis lagrimas

En el cielo, en el cielo
Tengo un hogar en el cielo (2)

Yo tengo un hogar
Por siempre estaré
Me ha perdonado
Voy para allá

Yo tengo un hogar
Tengo su gracia
Veré a mi Señor
Frente a frente


Yo tengo un hogar
Estaba perdido
Jesús me encontró
Su sangre en la cruz

Yo tengo un hogar
Puedo compartir
Tengo una promesa
Te veré alla.


One Comment on “Home in Heaven”

  1. Michael Aggabao says:

    It’s good to hear from you brian…Condolence to your family. I heard the conference was awesome.. I had the priviledge singing this song with Rodel and the band few weeks ago RnB style. The east region church is sending me to the song leaders conference at the end of this month. I’m praying that I can find someone to swicth work days on that weekend..

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