Angels We Have Heard on High

Wow, my last post was really long… here is a much shorter one this week. We did a really fun version of “Angels We Have Heard on High” at our regional worship service this past weekend. I love this song. Check out the bridge part –it’s fun. (Someday I’ll put out a whole professionally produced Christmas CD and I’ll definitely include this arrangement.)

Below is a demo recording I made for the band and singers, a teaching recording that goes through the parts, and a recording from the actual service. (Unfortunately that last one has got some major skips in the audio at the beginning and end, caused by some unknown error in the recording process. Oh well, at least you can get an idea of how it went with the whole band. This is just a recording off of the sound board, so you can’t hear the congregation who was belting it out!) Merry Christmas!!

Angels We Have Heard On High – demo recording

Angels We Have Heard – Teaching Recording

Angels We Have Heard on High – CLA Regional Service

Chord Chart:

(JBC version)

E / B / E/G# A / B
E / B / E/G# A / B

E / B E / E / B E
E / B E / E / B E

E c#min / f#min B
c#min A / B
E / B
E c#min / f#min B
c#min A / B
E / B

c#min / c#min / A / A
E / E / B / B

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